Infusion Therapy

For neurological patients who know, infusion medicine is a great treatment method.  And you’ll feel pampered and stress-free during the hour or so when you are receiving your infusion treatment, comfortably relaxed in our Infusion Center’s chairs, enjoying free high-speed internet access on your laptop or portable device, or even enjoying a complimentary lunch!

Infusion Therapy is available for many neurological drugs prescribed and administered in our practice.  These drugs are administered intravenously (IV) by trained staff in a peaceful, almost spa-like environment.

Many of our patients remark about how convenient it is to have an infusion clinic in the same location as their neurologist, and we couldn’t agree more!

Plus, the additional benefits of infusion therapy have helped hundreds of our San Antonio patients for whom oral medications are not as convenient, or simply aren’t an option. Learn more at VISTA Infusions.

When you come up to the third floor in the elevators, take a peek to the left, to see what a lovely place this new infusion center at NISA really is!

We have be added Paesanos Parkway Imaging, our new MRI Center, to our Neurological services.