Meet Our Patients

We have some of the best patients in the San Antonio area! Over the years many of you have come to be more than patients in a medical setting; you have become friends and family as well.  It is such a privilege to serve you, and much more of a pleasure to do so in our new facility!

We have been impressed with the stories of so many patients who, facing a challenging disease diagnosis, have managed to live life to its fullest every day. These stories have inspired not only the staff at NISA, but also countless other new patients facing similar news themselves.

We thought we’d share a few of those stories with you here, so that maybe you’ll be inspired as well. Just click an image to the right to watch a short patient video.

(Disclaimer: The content on these pages was used by written permission of the patients interviewed. Each one agreed to sit and be asked several questions to form the basis of the video and written interview segments. What follows are not a paid endorsements for NISA, Integra Clinical Research, VISTA, Dr. Gazda or other people or companies mentioned during the interview. Reasonable steps were taken to protect the full identity of each patient, and any information shared by the patient about their diagnosis or medical care was done voluntarily on their part.)